ACCI From Past to Present

“Cities grow with their institutions, institutions grow with their cities”

On 3 April, 1882, it is established as Antalya Chamber of Agriculture and Trade.  First Executive Board Members are; President Mustafa Nafiz Efendi, Pandili Efendi (Member), Hacı Vasil Ağa (Member), Rıza Beğ (Member), Ligori Efendi (Member), Vasili Efendi (Member), Hâfız Mehmed Efendi (Secretary).

There is no an independent office when the chamber is opened. The private offices of trader president’s in marina are used for Chamber services. The private office of the Barutçuzade Abdi Efendi’s in marina is the first known office used for chamber center. As of 1898, the chamber rent the middle floor of the port authority and moves to this office.   Soon after, the chamber is moved to reinforced concrete building which is other side of Şelale Printing Center in Hükümet Street.

In accordance with regulations of Chamber of Commerce’s dated 17 June 1910, the decision is taken to leave from Agriculture Commission and Antalya Chamber of Agriculture and Trade is named as Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and continues to her activities.

In 1937 the Chamber moves to new building which has two floors in Elmalı Street, in 1970 this building is pulled down and built new service building with seven floor.

ACCI moves to its new service building on Gazi Boulevard in 2008 as a result of growing number of members and activities.

A Changing World, A Growing Antalya
It is very important for any institution to complete a century of existence and move into another century. ACCI gets to a difficult to reach age by completing not only completing a century but a total of 129 years.

This period of human history includes two world wars and marked by many important developments and inventions. Break-up of the Ottoman Empire, the national liberation war and the foundation of Turkish Republic is also included in this time frame of 129 years.

The small agriculture and commerce town of 19th century Antalya becomes one of the most dynamic economies of our country in many sectors especially in tourism and agriculture and chooses itself the target of becoming one of the leading world cities of 21st century.

There is no doubt that Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry has one of the most important roles on the way to realizing these targets and the development of Antalya.

ACCI at the National and International Platform
ACCI actively takes part in many national organizations, which play an important role in development of commerce and industry and bringing the economy to a desired level, such as The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), Economic Development Foundation (IKV), Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), Turkish Accreditation Council. In addition, ACCI is active in transnational organizations such as International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Turkey, Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME), Turkish German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TATSO)

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